morice, benny, tanja and her husband went to hoher kasten mountains in apenzell, they also used electric cable cabin to climb the mountain and take breakfast at the top of mountain



laszlo, caterina and morice went to mountains and used the europe steepest railway to go to stoos and then we used electric cable car/carbin to climb the mountains (klingenstock and fronalp stock)


benny went to winterthur where he observed shoulder joint replacement, skin grafting and assisted one orif and ligament repair


morice went to waid hospital where he assisted two laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeries 


22.06.2022 & 23.06.2022

morice went to bulach hospital where he assisted hysteroscopy + fractional and curettage as well as doing obstetric ultrasound and colposcopy for outpatients with dr caterina, he also observed two external podalic version for women with breech fetal presentation



benny went to winterthur hospital where he assisted four ligaments repair, two plate removal and observed two hip replacement surgeries




went to waid hospital where morice assisted laparoscopic sigmoid resection and end to end anastomosis, also both attended dr laszlo party for his retirement 



dr ben went to winterthur hospital where he observed and assisted three open reduction internal fixation (orif) and one plate removal


dr morice went to bulach hospital assisted laparoscopic cystectomy, and one external podalic version for pregnant woman with breech fetal presentation 



we attended zurich meet tanzania meeting which was conducted at clubhouse in winkel. where almost all members of zmt association attended 



us with dr laszlo we went to basel, the place where dr laszlo grown up and studied his high school also we visited rhine river



@town hall of basel



we didn’t go to the hospital, we went to zurich alone and came back, just to get used with public transport



we observed special surgical procedure (tape surgery/sling surgery) for woman who had stress incontinence also two hysteroscope + fractional curettage for patients with abnormal uterine bleeding and one conization for patient with cin iii was done


also, the same day we had birthday party for dr morice




at bulach hospital we assisted surgical procedure for woman who had cystocele where anterior colporaphy was done and iucd(mirena) inserted we also managed to observe two laparoscopic cystectomy and one hysteroscopy with fractional curettage.

14.06. 2022 

we managed to go to bulach hospital ourselves and we visited neonatal ward, where we observed 3 hip ultrasound and one spine ultrasound, also we assisted one breast lumpectomy plus sentinel lymph node dissection.



 visited internal medicine department where dr stefan introduced us to the department and we observed endoscopic investigations, 4 colonoscopy, 3 gastroscopy and 1 bronchoscopy, doctors and other staff of internal medicine were very kind and explained almost every procedure to us during these investigations


we went with simone and her husband to the jungfrau mountain and trummelbach waterfalls, we spent almost 9hours there, and we took lunch and dinner 




we visited silvia shop, where she sells african products and in evening we went town to the concert (gala concert) where dr stefan daughter where among the musician playing the instruments   


@silvias shop 

@gala concert                                                                                                                                                   


we went to waid hospital where we assisted laparoscopic cholecystectomy and observed laparoscopic sigmoid colon resection and end to end anastomosis due to diverticulum, laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.



we went to bulach hospital where we assisted two mastectomy and sentinel lympnode dissection + one corpolaphy and also we observed one total hip replacement, knee replacement and colposacropex surgery



in waid hospital we managed to observe two laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair with mesh


we went to waid hospital, we observed and assisted two orthopaedic surgeries(total hip replacement) but also in evening we had dinner with our friends from mbeya, tanzania who are living in zurich 


we went to lake zurich, dr caterina explaining about lake zurich and she showed one of the boat which were there even during her high school studies.

the same day 05/06/2022 we also visited china garden built in zurich 







visited rheinfall in zurich, it is a very nice place, we managed to go around the water falls and get all side views of it. 


went to waid hospital observed one orthopedic surgery(fracture of distal part of radius) and we were invited for dinner to dr stefan house

eating dinner with neighbors outside dr stefan house, it was cervalat,potatoes and boiled maize


visited bulach hospital, we had a chance to do obstetric ultrasound and attended laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral tubal ligation surgeries, this was our first time to see laparoscopic hysterectomy and btl. this was a very nice day on our side, since doctors and other hospital staff were explaining to us in details almost everything that they were doing in consultation room and theatre.

first 3d obstetric ultrasound we did at bulach hospital



we continued with daily hospital activities including patient consultations and observing surgeries (orthopaedics)




we had a great day with laszlo, we went to town by tram and also visited the national museum of switzerland

in tram at national museum of switzerland "world press photo, impressive"





we went to waid hospital where silvia and laszlo gave us an orientation 

with stefan wild head of surgical department


dr beny and morice, we travelled from tanzania to zurich through armstadam, it was our first time to come to europe but we didn’t encounter any challenges during our travel since we travelled together with zurich meet tanzania team (dr laszlo, caterina,stephan and others) we are so grateful because the whole team were so supportive to us in case of any challenge during our flight. 



songwe airport mbeya, tanzania

mwalimu nyerere airport dar es salaam, tanzania.

zurich national airport, switzerland

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